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December 6, 2006

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Copy of a 1954 postcard of SS Vienna kindly contributed by Philip A Evans (RAF) of Wigan

(Editorial 6th December 2006) Welcome to Troopship Memories. There is a growing global interest from “Old Soldiers” who travelled the globe by HMTs and those relatives and friends seeking those Old Soldiers, Blogging and publishing comments and Memoirs offers hope and anticipation that former mates will pick up the thread and respond. Post a comment below and see what happens!

(Editor 19th September 2010) We are approaching our 4th year anniversary for this HMT blog and continue to find a trickle of comments from experiences on Troopships from the past. Given that HMT’s were generally phased out by the early ’60s, we conclude that even the youngest (family member) passenger would be around 50 years old today and in fact most military travellers are well over 70 and beyond. I note that military blog exchanges across the board (from 50s serving servicemen and women) are diminishing generally across ALL sites, which indicates that the survivors are disappearing from this life. Sad but true, but we continue to hold a strong interest in hearing from anyone with HMT experiences, so ignore the quantity and develop the quality – cheps – and dig out those old stories of yesteryear. A few of us are still interested. Thank You!

(Editorial Comment Nov 2010) We have hotlinked this page to our new blogsite:- HMTroopships – so dear reader, if you have some interest in a particular HMTroopship and an editorial contribution to make, just email the Editor (djkl157@gmail.com) with your request, stories and comments and we’ll sail on the noon tide. Remember to include full details about yourself, Full name, dob, rank, service number, regiment, postings, and most of all – any photos. We can restore most old and tattered, bent and torn photos to greater tonal quality and legibility. So GOYA!! and blog!!

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